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We develop and design QuickApps for the FIBARO Home Center 3 and other systems. And we are very proud of that.

QuickApp Service

We install our QuickApps on the FIBARO Home Center and continue to support them, if you wish.

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Individual QuickApps

We program your desired QuickApps for you. As a result, there are no limits in your smart home.

About us

FIBARO QuickApps are our passion

You heard that correctly. FIBARO QuickApps are our passion. That is exactly why we try to unite the best QuickApp programmers on this platform and we already have one of them on board. We also believe that the FIBARO Home Center 3 is one of the best and most advanced smart home gateways on the German and international markets. Thanks to the possibility of integrating almost all services and products that provide a programming interface using the LUA programming language and QuickApps, the FIBARO Home Center 3 can be expanded almost indefinitely with help of QuickApps. That is exactly why we are continuously expanding our QuickApp store with new apps and thus expanding the functions of the FIBARO HC3.

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QuickApps in our shop

In our shop, we offer many different QuickApps for the FIBARO Home Center 3 and other smart home systems. Almost all QuickApps from our shop are developed in English and German and can be configured accordingly. Our range of QuickApps is constantly being expanded and new QuickApps are being added.

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Our QuickApps from our shop

QuickApps for the FIBARO Home Center 3

Building new QuickApps together


Together with you, we would like to build, program and design new QuickApps for the FIBARO Home Center 3 as well as for other systems. You can send us your apps and sell them via our platform. This way, everyone can benefit from it – for together, we are better!

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We enjoy working with you

So let's get started as soon as possible! We built this QuickApp platform and were able to convince many developers of our idea. We have summarized different opinions concerning our platform for you!

We created this QuickApp platform so that we can always offer our customers the best possible experience with the FIBARO Home Center 3. For us at IntuITech, this service claim always comes first.

ceo - IntuITech
Peter Radtke

When Peter reached out to me with the idea of this QuickApps platform, I was absolutely thrilled. Since I have been programming for the HC2 and HC3 for a long time, I was obviously in favor of it and started implementing the platform for the QuickApps.

Daniel König

I have been programming QuickApps for different, external connections since the release of the FIBARO Home Center 3. I am completely convinced of the HC3, which is why I decided to offer my QuickApps on here.

qa developer

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